Thai Govt Looks for Closer Private Sector Cooperation to Double Tourism Revenue

Thailand – Joint public-private consultative committee for the tourism industry established to double tourism revenue.

Thai tourism authorities have seen tremendous tourism success led by government authorities often in coordination with businesses. So, it is useful to watch what they do on tourism investment, marketing and promotion and how they do it.

According to the Bangkok Post, “the Thai government aims to establish a joint public-private consultative committee for the tourism industry as part of a plan to double annual revenue two trillion baht within four years, according to Chumpol Silpa-archa, the tourism and sports minister.

The joint committee would be a key body to find solutions for problems, screen development policy and push plans into action, said Charoen Wangananont, chairman of the Thai Travel Agents Association.

The committee is expected to meet monthly and business leaders believe it could open a new chapter in the industry’s development.”For more, click here.

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